Flat Deck Trailer

A side kit still allows the flat deck to be loaded and unloaded with a crane, grapple and excavator from the top, a very useful advantage. Once the tarp or netting is removed the freight is easily accessible. With these additional benefits of the side kit a flat deck quickly becomes dynamic, allowing it to carry many different types of loads.This makes shipping logistic significantly smoother and faster. If there is a sensitive load that needs to be transported, a flat deck can be quickly converted to deliver the load safely.

Is Flatbed trucking dangerous?

The chance of falling from from a high load is very likely if extreme caution is not used. Another reason that flatbed trucking is dangerous is due to the type of freight that is hauled. Pipe, I-beams and other heavy loads can be very hazardous to be near when unloading or while removing securing devices

What does a Flat DeckTruck Trailer Look Like?

A flatbed has a solid bed, usually of wooden planks. There is no roof and no fixed sides. To retain the load there are often low sides which may be hinged down for loading, as a 'drop-side' truck. A 'stake truck' has no sides but has steel upright pillars, which may be removable, again used to retain the load.