Thandanani Transport

Our Transportation Services

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Our Hiring Services:

We offer our full range of trucks and forklifts for hire.

Our Truck Fleet:

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Our Truck Roadworthiness:

All Thandanani Transport trucks are serviced and maintained in pristine mechanical and roadworthy condition in our in-house workshop

Our Drivers:

We select our truck drivers with utmost care and regularly upskill their drivering competence.

Assistance and Riggers:

We have highly experienced and certified crane operators who understand the importance of safety and accuracy when rigging and transport equipment.

They receive regular training to keep them at the top of their game.

Monitoring & Communication:

We have implemented monitoring and communication systems that enable us to keep in constant contact with every single truck and driver. In view of this our clients are able to access full information on the status and location of their cargo thats in our care.

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Why Thandanani:

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